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16214 County Road 18, Lunenburg, ON, K0C 1R0

Welcome to the Kennel

Designed to provide a "home away from home" for your pet. The kennel building contains spacious individual runs each with access to a protected outdoor patio. Runs are separated by a solid wall insuring privacy for your dog. This security allows your dog to relax in their own space, soak in some rays and get fresh air as desired. The kennel is designed so that each dog has its own indoor and outdoor space which is separated by a guillotine sliding door that is open during daylight hours.

Drinking water for your pets is filtered well water.  The kennel building is climate controlled, and complete with an ultra-violet air purifier and HVAC system. All runs or areas are provided with natural and/or artificial light and we have a night light for them during the overnight hours.



  • Two fully fenced, private yards 

  • Two run sizes 

  • Separate space for cats & small pets

  • Clean living, sleeping and play areasmaintained throughout the day

All in a dog’s day, each day your dog will;

  • Have access to their patio & fresh air from sun-up to sun-down, weather permitting

  • Daily run and play with a small group of like-minded companions or individually  in one of our fenced yards.

  • Receive room service with their meals at least 2 times daily.


Your dog will receive;

  • 24/7 care

  • Daily housekeeping as required

  • Room service two times daily or as requested  

  • Access to fresh, clean water at all times